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Albertaceratops is a medium sized ceratopsian herbivore found in Path of Titans. Albertaceratops is a terrestrial dinosaur, and takes on a slower but tanky playstyle compared to its relatives.


Albertaceratops has two horns above on its brow, and two curled horns towards the top of its frill, distinguishing it from the other ceratopsians found in-game. It has multiple rows of scutes running down its back and along its hips, creating a unique profile from behind. Albertaceratops is more heavily built than Styracosaurus making it tougher but slower. When running, Albertaceratops will shuffle, instead of galloping like most other ceratopsians in Path of Titans.


These are the abilities Albertaceratops can use for combat.

Slot Icon Name Description Cost
Head 100?cb=20210908164833 Headbutt A quick headbutt attack. Can be used while running. FREE
Head 100?cb=20210908164833 Bite A bite attack that causes bleed. 750
Head 100?cb=20210908164833 Head Slam A slamming headbutt attack. 900
Front Limb 100?cb=20210908164833 Balanced Lose ability to attack with front limbs, but gain increased turning radius. FREE
Front Limb 100?cb=20210908164833 Stomp A heavy stomp with front feet. Must be standing still to use. 1300
Metabolism 100?cb=20210908164833 Herbivore FREE
Metabolism 100?cb=20210908164833 Fat Reserves Eat Berries and fruit. Decreases hunger and thirst depletion rate. Increases maximum food and water amount. Decreases max stamina and stamina recovery rate. 400
Metabolism Forager.png Forager Able to eat flowers, nuts, roots, and fruit. Faster food drain. 600
Hide 100?cb=20210908164833 Standard Standard stats with no positive or negative traits. FREE
Hide 100?cb=20210908172155 Thick Scales Increased defense and turning radius at the cost of speed. 1200
Legs 100?cb=20210908164833 Charge Charge forward in a line, causing damage to anything you hit.

Allows the dinosaur to move in a single direction at great speed, draining it's stamina and damaging any targets it hits. This ability lasts 8 seconds if uninterrupted, and has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Back Limb 100?cb=20210908164832 Back Kick A kick attack. Requires slow movement to use. 800

Paleo Info[]

Albertaceratops (meaning "Alberta horned face") was a genus of centrosaurine ceratopsid from the Upper Cretaceous Oldman Formation of Alberta, Canada. They are herbivorous and thought to have a varied diet of low vegetation, and have been been speculated to eat small amounts of meat or bones like many other primary herbivores in modern times. This has earned them, and other ceratopsids, the nickname 'pigs of the cretaceous'. Albertaceratops had an odd set of head ornaments compared to most ceratopsids. It has two brow horns not too unlike that of Triceratops, however it also posses a nose ridge similar to Pachyrhinosaurus. It also posses two horns at the top of its frill that curl forward.

Albertaceratops is currently estimated at around 6 meters (19.6 ft) in length and 3.85 tons (3,500 kg).


  • Albertaceratops uses various elephant vocalizations in its sound design.
  • This dinosaur was funded and selected by perk owners during the Path of Titans crowdfunding campaign.
  • Albertaceratops, like all ceratopsians, does not have fingernails on its two outermost front toes.
  • This dinosaur was initially planned to be added to Path of Titans after game release, however it was added early as a Pre-Release dinosaur.
  • The quills found on the crinitusspecies are speculative, and are based on the findings of Psittacosaurus fossils that possessed similar back quills.


List of all Albertaceratops skins found in Path of Titans.


Base Game Skins[]

These skins can be unlocked using marks in-game.

Store Skins[]

These skins can only be acquired through the Alderon Games Store for a limited time.