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Basilemys is not implemented in Path of Titans yet and will not be playable in the base game.

Basilemys is a small-sized trionychoid AI found in Path of Titans. Basilemys is an unplayable creature that acts as a food source for carnivores. It is slow but has a strong shell, making it a difficult target for smaller playable creatures.

Paleo Info[]

Basilemys is a large, terrestrial trionychoid turtle that was from the Upper Cretaceous time period. When you break down the genus, Basilemys, into two parts you get the terms "Basil" and "Emys." In Greek, the "Basil (name)" means royal or kingly and the word "Emys" means turtle. Therefore, Basilemys means King Turtle. The stratigraphic subdivisions of the Upper Cretaceous include Cenomanian, Turonian, Coniacian, Santonian, Campanian, and Maastrichtian. Basilemys was mostly from the Campanian and Maastrichtian subdivisions of the Cretaceous time period and is considered to be the largest terrestrial turtle of its time. Basilemys belongs to the family Nanhsiungchelyidae.