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Juvenile Rex boi Juvenile Rex boi 25 November 2020

This wiki is dead.

This fandom has no admins or if there were they only care about the discord or twitter. The only reason to come here is just fighting on about small edits or something else. So just leave this thing to die or ask the admins to delete this wiki and maybe later you can fucking copy and paste wikipidea's work and do nothing about in-game

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Vividskyguy Vividskyguy 23 November 2020

Who owns the fandom?

Hi, I'm one of the most active editer here and I'm wondering who owns this fandom as I've been wanting admin powers to help run the wiki as it's started to fall into disrepair. There has been a copious amount of false a extremely unproffessional information lsapped on several pages which I'm fed up with having to remove constantly, I would aperciate something to be done to have an editor's info page or more adimns From the community itself who are very experienced in the game's history and aren't a young child.

I hope something can be done soons ince when this game releases fully the fandom will liekly fall apart

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Vividskyguy Vividskyguy 8 May 2020

I'm uploading a screenshot of every skin in game currently, if someone is able to put them neatly beside or under etc the list of skins in each dino's page I'd appreciate it since I can't figure out how to do it in a pleasing way

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