Path of Titans Wiki

All dinosaurs in Path of Titans can unlock and shed into different Skins. To unlock and upgrade skins, you need Marks. Marks are collected by doing Quests in-game.

List of Skins[]

There are over 250 skins featured in Path of Titans! You can find a full list of each dinosaur's skin on its page. See the Category:Playable for a list of all playable dinosaurs. Below is a small gallery of some Path of Titans skins.

How to Unlock or Upgrade a Skin[]

  1. Enter the character menu in any server, and create a new character, or select an old character that you would like to edit the skin of. Note: You cannot unlock or change your skins for a new character until you have finished creating them.
  2. Select the character you wish to edit, and select the 'Edit' option below
  3. On the next menu, click on the skin you wish to unlock and then select the 'Unlock' option. This should give you access to the skin and the first colour option of each Colour section. Select the 'Save' option to save your skin and start the shedding process.
  4. If you want to upgrade your skin to gain more colour options, you can select 'Upgrade' after unlocking the skin in the Character Edit menu. This will give you one new colour (left to right) in each of the colour sections.