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The Eotriceratops is a large, three horned ceratopsian herbivore found in Path of Titans. Eotriceratops is a terrestrial dinosaur, with a powerful tank playstyle.


Larger than the well-known ceratopsian Triceratops, Eotriceratops is one of the largest playable herbivores, with three prominent horns on its head and a rounded frill. The heaviest ceratopsian in-game, Eotriceratops is one of the slower playable dinosaurs, but has a brief but surprisingly fast sprint. It makes up for its slow speed with powerful attacks, and is very difficult to take down without careful, coordinated, effort. Its Sharpen Horns ability allows it to increase its damage for a brief time, making it a more dangerous opponent to face if unprepared.


These are the abilities Eotriceratops can use for combat.

Slot Icon Name Description Cost
Head Headbutt A quick headbutt attack. Can be used while running. FREE
Head Bite Causes medium damage. 600
Head Sharpen Horns Sharpen your horns on the ground, increasing damage output for 60 seconds. 1200
Front Limb Stomp A heavy stomp with front feet. Must be standing still to use. 900
Metabolism Herbivore Able to eat berries and fruit, moderate food drain. FREE
Metabolism Fat Reserves Eat Berries and fruit. Decreases hunger and thirst depletion rate. Increases maximum food and water amount. Decreases max stamina and stamina recovery rate. 400
Metabolism Forager Able to eat flowers, nuts, roots, and fruit. Faster food drain. 600
Hide Standard Standard stats with no positive or negative traits. FREE
Back Limb
Tail Tail Slam An attack that causes light damage. FREE

Paleo Info[]

Eotriceratops (meaning "dawn three-horned face") is a genus of herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaurs that lived in the area of North America during the late Cretaceous period. Eotriceratops was previously thought to be a giant ceratopsid that was much larger than it actually is, however, this was debunked after paleontologists realized that the skull for Eotriceratops was much larger in proportion to its body than Triceratops which it had been previously based on. Eotriceratops belongs to the tribe Triceratopsini inside the large family of horned dinosaurs Ceratopsidae.


List of all Eotriceratops skins found in Path of Titans.


Base Game Skins[]

These skins can be unlocked using marks in-game.

Store Skins[]

These skins can only be acquired through the Alderon Games Store for a limited time.