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Goniopholis is a medium-sized crocodyliform AI. Goniopholis is not implemented in Path of Titans yet and will not be playable in the base game. Goniopholis is an unplayable creature that acts as a food source for carnivores and a threat for smaller playable creatures. It is slow but larger than other AI, making it a threat to smaller playable creatures.

Paleo Info[]

Goniopholis is an extinct genus of goniopholidid crocodyliform that lived in Europe and Africa during the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous. Being semi-aquatic it is very similar to modern crocodiles. It would have had a very similar lifestyle to the American alligator or Nile crocodile. Goniopholis belongs to the family Goniopholididae which is apart of the clade Coelognathosuchia.


  • Aside from the playable creature Sarcosuchus, Goniopholis is the one Unplayable crocodyliform in Path of Titans Officially while Deinosuchus will be either an Upcoming creature or a Modded creature.