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The Home Cave stone found in your Home Cave

Home Caves are personal bases for each player that can be accessed by various tunnels on the map, called "Home Cave Entrances." Inside your Home Cave you can unlock decorations and customize your cave, swap out your abilities and attacks, and invite other players to hang out with you.

Your Home Cave will consist of only a single room at first, but can be expanded with additional rooms by completing in-game quests and unlocking achievements.

Finding Home Cave Entrances[]

A Home Cave Entrance

Home Cave Entrances entrances are marked on your map with a blue triangular symbol. Travel to the map marker to find a large stone with a glowing blue rune. Interacting with the stone will take you to your Home Cave. You can run through the nearby dark tunnel to also access your Home Cave.

When you exit the Tutorial cave, you will automatically be given a "Find Home Cave" quest which will place a quest marker at the nearest home cave entrance. If you complete this quest, you will be given a large amount of growth and marks, so it's one of the first quests you should complete.

Unlocking Home Cave Rooms and Decorations[]

The Home Cave menu

Once inside your home cave, interact with the blue Home Cave Stone and bring up the Home Cave menu. From here, you can access the different customization menus.

Catalog of decorations available

To begin expanding, use attachment points to add rooms modularly to your Home Cave. There are many styles of room to choose from including dark and winding tunnels, a room full of bones, a giant redwood tree grotto, and even a shallow lagoon with crystal blue water.

Catalog of rooms available

Once you are done adding rooms, the decoration begins! Browse the item catalogue and purchase items with marks earned in-game, then enter Decoration mode to place down items. A selection of rocks, ferns, and bushes are some of the first items we have added, and many more will be coming in the future!

Inviting Friends to your Home Cave[]

Home Cave layout menu

While your Home Cave can only be directly accessed by you, inviting your friends to join you is easy! Simply send them a Home Cave invite and they will be presented with an option to join your cave via any Home Cave Entrance. Don’t hang out for too long however as your caves will not contain food or water! When you are ready to leave, your Home Cave exit will take you back to the world via the same Home Cave Entrance you entered.