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Iguanodon is a large sized iguanodontian herbivore found in Path of Titans. Iguanodon is a terrestrial dinosaur, and takes on an offensive playstyle that focuses on short bursts of speed and damage.


Iguanodon is one of the larger herbivores possessing two different attacks: A thumb spike jab and a tail swing. Though one of the fastest dinosaurs it has short lasting stamina and quick stamina regen. Not just fast on land, but in the water to and able to keep up with semi-aquatics like Suchomimus for short periods of time. It cannot dive however. Stamina lasts longer in water so is a good travel method against escaping other terrestrial creatures.


These are the abilities Iguanodon can use for combat.

Slot Icon Name Description Cost
Head 100?cb=20210908164833 Bite Causes medium damage. FREE
Front Limb 100?cb=20210908164833 Stab A claw attack that causes bleed. FREE
Metabolism 100?cb=20210908164833 Herbivore Able to eat berries and fruit, moderate food drain. FREE
Metabolism 100?cb=20210908164833 Fat Reserves Eat Berries and fruit. Decreases hunger and thirst depletion rate. Increases maximum food and water amount. Decreases max stamina and stamina recovery rate. 700
Metabolism 100?cb=20210908183735 Forager Able to eat flowers, nuts, roots, and fruit. Faster food drain. 1,000
Hide 100?cb=20210908164833 Standard Standard stats with no positive or negative traits. FREE
Hide 100?cb=20210908172155 Thick Scales Increased defense and turning radius at the cost of speed. 800
Hide 100?cb=20210908171244 Lightweight Increases speed at the loss of turn radius and defense. 1,000
Back Limb 100?cb=20210908164833 Charge Charge forward in a line, causing damage to anything you hit. 1,200
Tail 100?cb=20210908164833 Tail Attack An attack that causes light damage. FREE

Paleo Info[]

Iguanodon, named in 1825, is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur that existed roughly halfway between the first of the swift bipedal hypsilophodontids of the mid-Jurassic and the duck-billed dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous. While many species have been classified in the genus Iguanodon, dating from the late Jurassic Period to the early Cretaceous Period of Asia, Europe, and North America, taxonomic revision in the early 21st century has defined Iguanodon to be based on one well-substantiated species: I. bernissartensis, which lived from the late Barremian to the earliest Aptian ages (Early Cretaceous) in Belgium, Spain, Germany, England and possibly elsewhere in Europe, between about 126 and 122 million years ago. Iguanodon were large, bulky herbivores. Distinctive features include large thumb spikes, which were possibly used for defense against predators, combined with long prehensile fifth fingers able to forage for food. It was mainly quadrupedal but sometimes rose on two feet to browse. Iguanodon was also one of the first dinosaurs that were able to chew their food. Iguanodon belongs to the family Iguanodontidae.



List of all Iguanodon skins found in Path of Titans.


Base Game Skins[]

These skins can be unlocked using marks in-game.

Store Skins[]

These skins can only be acquired through the Alderon Games Store for a limited time.