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The Megalania is a medium-sized venomous carnivore.


Megalania is an ambush hunter. With it being so low to the ground and well camouflaged, it effortlessly hides in foliage and creeps up on unsuspecting prey. Once it is within range, it can burst forward and bite its prey, injecting venom into their wounds. Megalania has a venomous bite that drains stamina of its prey.

Paleo Info[]

Megalania refers to an extinct giant goanna or monitor lizard, recognized as either Megalania prisca or more recently Varanus priscus. They were part of the megafaunal assemblage that inhabited southern Australia during the Pleistocene era. The youngest known fossil remains dated to around 50,000 years ago. The first aboriginal settlers of Australia might have encountered them and been a factor in their extinction. Megalania adults were on average 6 meters long and 600 kg. Megalania belongs to the family Varanidae.


  • It was a part of the fifth stretch goal, which was worth $71K AUD ~ $50K USD.
    • It was a stretch goal reached during the Path of Titans crowdfunding campaign, and will be added as a playable creature some time after game release. There is no estimated arrival date for the Megalania until Janurary 21st 2021.
  • The Alderon Games team was interested in implementing this creature due to it being discovered in Australia.