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The Metriacanthosaurus is a medium-sized, allosauroid carnivore found in Path of Titans. Metriacanthosaurus is a terrestrial dinosaur, and takes on a saboteur and supportive playstyle compared to other medium sized carnivores.


Metriacanthosaurus has unique crests on its brow with a recognisable dewlap, which sets its appearance aside from other medium sized carnivores. Metriacanthosaurus is also unique in its penchant for brightly coloured skins, which hints at its speciality with venom based abilities. Metriacanthosaurus has a distinctive row of scales running down the sides of its neck in a line, and large curved claws that are well suited for its claw attacks.


These are the abilities Metriacanthosaurus can use for combat.

Slot Icon Name Description Cost
Head 100?cb=20210908164833 Venom Bite A bite attack that applies venom.(prevents regeneration and stamina drain). FREE
Front Limb 100?cb=20210908164833 Claw Attack A claw attack that causes high damage. FREE
Metabolism 100?cb=20210908164833 Hypercarnivore Only able to eat meat, food drains much slower FREE
Hide 100?cb=20210908172155 Standard Standard stats with no positive or negative traits. FREE
Hide 100?cb=20210908164833 Lightweight Increases speed at the loss of turn radius and defence. 1,100
Back Limb
Tail 100?cb=20210908164833 Tail Attack An attack that causes light damage. FREE

Paleo Info[]

Metriacanthosaurus (meaning "moderately-spined lizard") is a genus of metriacanthosaurid dinosaur from the upper Oxford Clay of England, dating to the Late Jurassic period, about 160 million years ago (lower Oxfordian). Metriacanthosaurus belongs to the family Metriacanthosauridae in the larger superfamily, Allosauroidea.


  • Metriacanthosaurus and Megalania are currently the only playable carnivores able to inflict the venom status during combat with its bite attack.
  • This dinosaur was funded and selected by perk owners during the Path of Titans crowdfunding campaign.
  • Metriacanthosaurus' venom ability was partially inspired by its 'Poison Dart' skin, referencing a Poison Dart frog.


List of all Metriacanthosaurus skins found in Path of Titans.


Base Game Skins[]

These skins can be unlocked using marks in-game.

Store Skins[]

These skins can only be acquired through the Alderon Games Store for a limited time.