Path of Titans Wiki

Path of Titans is developing a powerful modding kit allowing players to create their own additions and changes to the game, ranging from new playable characters all the way to new maps and gamemodes.

Downloading Mods[]


You can use mods in singleplayer by visiting the ‘Mods’ menu found on the main menu, and activate the mod(s) you want to use before playing!

  • Go to the 'Mods' menu from the main menu
  • Locate the mod(s) you wish to use
  • Select the mod and click download/update


Upon joining a server that has mods activated on it, they will automatically be downloaded and installed for you so that you can join modded servers easily. If hosting your own server you can designate what mods you want on that server in the server settings.

Creating Mods[]

The modding kit is currently under private testing and not available to the public. To apply for the modding kit, please visit the signup sheet:

Types of Mods[]

There are a multitude of different mod types that can be added to Path of Titans, below are a few examples.

Type Description
Maps Entirely new playable areas, with different biomes, quests, points of interest, sound effects, vegetation, and more.
Playable Characters Completely unique playable characters that don't necessarily have to be dinosaurs. Includes unique models, skins, sounds, animations, abilities, and stats.
Game Modes Different gameplay styles that encourage different player behaviours.
UI Changes Changes to the main menu, HUD, and other menu items.
Stat Changes Alternative stat balancing for base game dinosaurs.
Creator Mode Items New food and quest items for Creator Mode, in addition to world building items such as rocks, caves, and water sources.