Path of Titans Wiki

Panjura is currently the only official map in Path of Titans. The map is made up of 8x8km tiles (64 km²), and is primarily forest themed with at least one water source per tile.

Panjura has a variety of biomes and points of interest scattered across the map, with quests and food available at each location.


Redwood Forest[]

Redwood forests mainly consist of large redwood trees, reddish-brown soil and are the most common biome to find Amanita Mushrooms and Lychees.

Spruce Forest[]

Spruce forests mainly consist of tall spruce trees, golden-brown soil with lots of grass and are the most common biome to find Roots and Milk Caps.

Broadleaf Forest[]

Broadleaf forests mainly consist of light-coloured broadleaf trees, dead leaves and low foliage covering the ground and are the the most common biome to find Acorns.


Grasslands are large expanses of grassy plains with minimal trees and small areas of foliage and bushes. This is the most common biome to find Tiger Nuts and Button Mushrooms.


Swamps are marshy wetland areas on the map, covered in low foliage, dead trees, lily pads and shallow water. This is a common biome to find Melons and Mushrooms.


Lakes are deep areas of water on the map, full of lakeweed and dead trees. This is the only biome on Panjura that players can find and catch fish, though larger fish will only spawn in larger lakes.

Points of Interest[]

Points of Interest are areas on Panjura where players can start quests and navigate through the map using the landmarks at each location.

  • Grassland Crater
  • Grassland Lake
  • Swamp Reservoir
  • Redwood Basin
  • Green Plateau
  • Rock Maze
  • Hunter's Thicket
  • Star Ravine
  • Arc Mountain
  • Rockden
  • Cliffside Retreat
  • Dropoff Pond
  • Snake Gully
  • The Mire
  • The Dome
  • Forest Rise
  • Hoodoo Hills
  • Deep Lake
  • Swamp Home Cave
  • Grass Gully
  • South East Waystone
  • Harf Heart Canyon
  • Mossy Cavern
  • The Bend
  • Triad Falls
  • Crater Pond
  • Traveler's Basin
  • Swampy Pit
  • Redwood Wind
  • Sinkhole
  • Grassland
  • Broadleaf Forest
  • World Edge Falls
  • Two Falls Hollow
  • Blackwater Bayou
  • Littlebone Canyon
  • Talons Point
  • Corpse Cove