Path of Titans Wiki

Path of Titans is a prehistoric MMO Survival game being developed and published by Australian studio Alderon Games where players take on the role of a dinosaur.


The player controls a variety of different species of dinosaurs from a third-person perspective, exploring a large prehistoric forest and completing quests to earn experience points. Players can initially choose from eighteen available dinosaurs to play as, such as the Daspletosaurus, Styracosaurus, and Stegosaurus. Each of these dinosaur species uses a different playstyle in order to complete objectives and survive in their respective environments.

The goal of the game is to allow dinosaur enthusiasts to roleplay as their favorite prehistoric beasts. Core mechanics include character customization, questing and events, attributes and abilities, swimming and diving, fishing, and cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices. Path of Titans will include many more features such as modding, multiple game modes and a Home Cave system that functions similarly to player housing as seen in other MMORPG games. Home Caves can be expanded over time through gameplay.

Alderon Games is an independent game studio based in Sydney, Australia. Little is known about the studio, yet information could be tangible through blog posts and announcements!


Path of Titans was first announced in January 2019. Players with access to the demo can currently join multiplayer servers and experience the current state of development including quests, fishing and combat. Players are encouraged to document and log observed bugs to help aid in development. Those who frequently find and report previously unrecorded bugs can earn in-game rewards such as custom skins.

The demo currently features 9 playable carnivorous dinosaurs and 9 playable herbivores, with some remaining unreleased dinosaurs being viewable in the character creation menu.