Path of Titans Wiki

Waystones are glowing green runes throughout each map that players use to can invite others to teleport to their location. They have a cooldown timer once used, indicated by the status of the glowing rune. Once a Waystone is used, it will glow orange, slowly turning green again once cooled down. By default the Waystone takes 30 minutes to cool down, however this value can be modified by a server owner.

Using the Waystone[]

​​​​​​​Waystones are scattered throughout the map and are marked with a green rune. You can find one in each corner of the map, NorthEast, SouthEast, SouthWest, NorthWest, and Center. Using them is simple; all you need to do is locate one, stand near it, and bring up the invite window with the interaction key. You can then invite a friend to join you at the Waystone using the Waystone menu.

​​​​​​​The friend will receive a Waystone Invite on their Character Selection screen, so they must be logged out of the game to accept it. Once accepted, your friend will be logged in with you at the Waystone.

The Waystone will have a cooldown timer once it’s used as indicated by the glowing rune turning orange. It will greatly improve your ability to meet up with your friends so you can start playing together right away.

Cooling Down[]

Clusters of Glow Mushrooms used to cool down the Waystone.

You can wait 30 minutes for the Waystone to cooldown naturally.

You can also optionally complete the local Waystone cooldown quest to complete the cooldown. When near a used Waystone, you will receive the cooldown quest, requiring you to deliver Glow Mushrooms to the Waystone. You can search the nearby area for these mushrooms, and for each mushroom delivered the Waystone will cooldown faster.